To ban or not to ban, that is the question

To ban or not to ban, that is the question

Marlene Capilla, staff writer

I’m against the banning of bags or backpacks at school because it is necessary to carry our supplies with us at all times.

If bags and backpacks are banned, then students would not be able to carry books and other items necessary for them to have at school every day. For example, if girls don’t have their own bags then they can’t carry things that are of a personal nature to them, and if boys couldn’t carry backpacks, then they wouldn’t be prepared for class.

With a tight schedule and time ticking before the late bell, there is no time to go to lockers to put up items from the previous class and then pick up items and materials for the next class. Banning bags isn’t a good idea because they’re necessary to students, especially in high school. Having drugs and weapons are dangerous and a big deal, but that doesn’t make it necessary to ban all bags as a precaution. If people are really worried about drugs and weapons on school campuses, then setting up a checking system before school starts could be a better answer.

Some students may tend to take drugs, weapons, or other items not allowed on school grounds to school but there are many students that use bags and backpacks only for school purposes. Not all students are the same and everybody doesn’t have to pay the consequences for what a few students do.

Once again, I disagree with whoever bans or is in the process of banning bags and backpacks. They are currently extremely useful for our purposes as students and teenagers going through bodily changes. Therefore, bags and backpacks shouldn’t be banned.