Iran Mocks Us


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Liz Becker, Editor

It’s the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Iran mocks the 10 U.S. sailors they detained in Iranian waters, last month. The group contained mostly men and at least one woman. They were shackled and dressed in fatigues, while men behind them pointed guns at their heads. Some had to kneel with their hands behind their heads. The rest were tied together, with bags over their heads. They all walked the streets of Tehran, as part of the celebrating. Many people gathered to watch the anniversary incident, which happened on January 12th. The 10 soldiers were kept for 24 hours after their boats strayed towards Farsi Island. Pictures of the event were released, showing one of the soldiers weeping while in captivity. The U.S. is very angry, and says that they wouldn’t do that to the Iranians, if the roles were reversed.