Cougars VS Vikings Battle At The Dumpster Part:2


Jimena Feregrino and Mariah Ortegon

So far we have been in the lead since we have started this challenge, but this challenge  isn’t all  about winning. Most of us think  it is about winning, but the real reason is so everyone can at least try to help the community become a better place. Don’t you want to live in a world with no trash on the road? Do yourself a favor and help the community by picking up the trash.

There is an impact for both the school and the community. Students are starting to get into the habit of separating their trash and recyclable items. MS. Myrick hears more and more students being curious about what can go in the recycling bin. Students in their LIFE class (student council representatives) are responsible to take out the recycling bin when it’s full. This also helps the custodians reduce their hard work to improve their community. More students are also encouraging each other to pay attention to what’s going in the trash. We’re just taking baby steps towards reducing our carbon footprint and learning how to take care of our natural resources.

Around March, we’re planning a neighborhood clean up and they might be composting the uneaten food, as well as in the garden. We need more volunteers, so we encourage students to get involved and take pride in their community.

Since there’s no winner until April, Mr. Hopkins has agreed to stay at the Dumpster Project’s “Refurbished Dumpster” at Houston-Tilloston University. This isn’t really a dumpster, it’s more like a small place with a bed and electricity. The point to this is to show that people can live in small places because the planet wont be able to sustain everyone.

The recycling challenge has gone on for about 4 months and yet our community hasn’t improved at all. Vikings, we need to step up our game and start recycling more. If you want to help, go see Ms. Myrick or Ms. Villarreal to join in the Recycling Rangers. They’re located in the 120’s hallway, and if you don’t feel like walking, you can download the app Remind or text @lhsrecycle to 81010 to get reminders when they have meetings. There is also another group for teens called Green Teens; go see Ms. Colasanti to get more information.

Special thanks to Jonathan Contreras for writing our interview questions.