Club: Crocheting

Diana Feliciano, Photo Editor, Staff Writer

From beautiful crop tops to lots of poop emoji, Ms.Whalon is the proud teacher of the very first crochet club here at Lanier.

You may be wondering, “what is crocheting?” You may confuse it with knitting, but these crafts are quite different. Crocheting uses different patterns to  create objects – usually stuffed animals, scarves, and hats – with yarn; but don’t worry, you don’t have to buy yarn, because Ms.Whalon has gotten lots of yarn from family members and friends (and she is still accepting.) This club was on and off until last spring, when the club was finally established. The club currently has four seniors and four sophomores.

But I wanted to see what this club is all about, so I decided to join it.

At first I was a little lost because everyone else seemed to know what they were doing, but there were two other girls that were learning at the same time as I. Ms.Whalon sure has a lot of patience! She helped us step-by-step and gave us clear instructions. For beginners, it is best to start out with a scarf or a hat. I decided to start with a scarf. You may be wondering, “is this activity only for old people?”, and “Isn’t it really boring?” Let me tell you: No! The environment in this room is really serene; we have music in the background and everyone is multitasking by talking and crocheting. As the clock was winding down, Mackenzie (a  club member) held up her new book that she had recently purchased on crocheting. Ms.W read the book and the words sounded like part of a tv soap opera! So, if you’re looking for a hint of romance this club is surely for you!

Not only can you relax after school,  but you can also get to know the teacher, Ms.Whalon. “Many people think that you can’t hang out with teachers, but they’re human beings just like you and me,” said Mackenzie.  I totally agree: teachers can be fun!

In the end, this club was wonderful. You guys should totally check this club out! It is held every Thursday after school in Ms.Whalon’s  room, T-11.

The crochet club will also be having a fundraiser on B-days at lunch for the next 2 weeks. We will be selling bracelets, headbands and other accessories that the kids have made. One for $2 or 3 for  $5!