Our very own book author!

Diana Feliciano, Photo Editor, Staff Writer.

Who knew we would have the next John Green here at Lanier? Mr.Perez may not be the author of Paper Towns, but he wrote something even better!

Perez wrote his very own book! If you didn’t attend the book talk here at Lanier then let me tell you this, you missed a super fun talk! We had delicious snacks like cheese cubes, fruits and cookies. Then we got down to the real stuff. Mr.Perez talked about why this story took place in this small town. He then answered questions from students and staff. Afterwards he personally signed the books for the audience!

Here is a summary of the book;
Loss, love, and coming of age meet in a small, hormone-charged (fictional) Texas town.

After a debut collection of short stories for adults (Along These Highways, 2012), Perez offers a teen novel that begins in the summer of 1998, when John Mejia and John Robison, two all-star athletes from Greenton, die in a fatal car accident on their way to Austin, where they were supposed to start what would certainly have been the next chapter of their legendary lives at the University of Texas. While the whole town mourns the Johns’ deaths, Concepcion “Chon” Gonzalez, a character who might remind readers of a Texan Oscar Wao, thinks of only Araceli Monsevais, “Goddess of Greenton and queen of Chon’s dreams” and Mejia’s abandoned girlfriend. Despite occasional pacing lulls and choppy transitions, Perez successfully zooms out to share the goings-on, mostly relevant, in a town that’s grooming new athletes and amid families that are coping with grief for lost sons before narrowing his focus again to Chon’s deliberate, at times nonexistent advances toward Araceli. The balance between Tex-Mex dialogue and omniscient narration is handled with ease,  as is the relationships with minors— which only adds to the sensation of feeling stuck and limited in Greenton. There’s no clear explanation as to why the novel’s protagonist was given what’s typically a woman’s name meaning “immaculate conception.”
credit to: Kirkus Reviews

So please,
buy a copy of the book they are $10 for paperbacks and $15 for the hardbacks. Ask our friendly librarian! Make sure to go and talk to Mr.Perez to get a signed copy.

Lanier Newspaper Written by………..Diana Feliciano.