Who’s The Soul of Spirit for Lanier? Vikettes!


James Lyas

Mariah Ortegon and Saul Garcia


The Vikettes are dancers here at Lanier High School. We interviewed two vikettes, Alisa and Laura, and asked them some questions and here’s what they had to say.

They said “being a vikette makes me feel like a better person, and it opens you up.” It makes them happy because it makes them gain more confidence and become more responsible, individuals.

To become a Vikette can be difficult with lots of practice and summer camps, but it’s really worth it. They love it so much, students want to be a vikette all the way to senior year.

The purpose of being a Vikette is to dance and make new bonds with your new family, The Vikettes.

Enjoy what you love doing, dance, and become a Vikette!!
Stories and photos by Mariah Ortegon and Saul Garcia….Lanier Newspaper Staff