Cougars VS Vikings Battle At The Dumpster


Kaci Myrick

Hopkins, comfy much?

Jimena Feregrino, Diana Feliciano, and Marlene Capilla

Many of us say its for the environment but really its to beat Crockett. The cougars are going down!

This challenge is to see who can recycle the most trash. But the obvious question is why Crockett? Well in order to make this challenge fair, Crockett has the same amount of students as us.

But wait! we can also recycle batteries now. Usually what we do with our batteries is throw them in the trash, right? But did you know that batteries contain lead. A harmful substance that can enter the body by inhalation or when touching your mouth with lead contaminated hands. not just that but lead causes the soil to become airborn when dry. But not to worry our friendly Lanier library has a place to drop off our old batteries and dispose of them properly!

But who is making sure that we are doing this challenge correctly? The students, teachers and administrators are making sure that we have pride and recycle properly.

But hear this, the principle of the winning school will have a chance to sleep in a trash can! (Don’t worry Hopkins its clean.) The dumpster will be provided by “The Dumpster In A Day  Project.” To find out more about this organization go to

Lets go Vikings! Show your pride pick up pieces of paper and win this battle at the dumpster!

Written by…… Jimena Feregrino, Diana Feliciano and Marlene Capilla.