Diana Feliciano and Jimena Feregrino

The people came through the door together with warm smiles. In the background, you could see the Choir, Orchestra, and Guitar making sounds to stir up the party. Yes, it’s that time of month again, the family fun night. But this time, we have a special theme, which was Hispanic Heritage Month.

To open up the night, there was a performance from the fine arts groups. The songs where traditionally known by many Hispanic people. You could hear the crowd singing along to “La Bamba” and “Cielito Lindo.” But the music kept on going, when our student council came in and sang a tune about most Hispanic countries.

Once the crowd was spiced up. Our student council announced the special speaker of the night. His name is Greg Casar; Greg is a part of the Austin councilmen. He always wanted to speak   for the people and wanted to give them a voice. When he was younger he was naïve, about the world not being fair with everyone. But that’s the world right? Not for this guy, he wants to change the community! He demands respect, not just for him, but for the community, Austin. Once he gave his speech, he decided to join us! Thank you Greg.

Student council had some fun games planned for us! The first game was “Quien Soy”, which means “who am I”. There were 6 players, and they had to guess who the Hispanic person was.

Meanwhile, on the far side of the cafeteria, people where lining up for some yummy treats! There was mango with chili, some salad, pasta, and Mexican chips known as “chicharones.” It was exquisite! But good food has to have some people to make it, right! This time our amazing custodian made the delicious food for us! His name is Hugo Arrellano, “I wanted to give people healthy Mexican fruits, because I didn’t want you guys to eat a lot of junk food.” Thank you Hugo, for giving us a clean environment to learn and for the tasty food.

Another game that was played was, “Finish the Song”. This game also had 6 people. They had to sing the Hispanic song when it paused. Finally, as the night came we were going to play, “Loteria.”  This game is the Hispanic version of “bingo.”

In the end, it was a nice live celebration for Hispanic heritage month, and family fun night! Thanks for joining us see you guys next time!

Photos and story by : Diana Feliciano & Jimena Feregrino …. Lanier Viking Newspaper.