Spider Verse


Jose Vasquez, Staff writer

When it comes down to spiderman movies, there’s definitely no shortage of quantity. There is so many movies. The holy trinity, which are the first ones with Tobey Maguire playing as Spiderman, are considered the best ones in general. Whereas the “amazing” spiderman movies (2 of them), with Andrew Garfield, were alright but weren’t anything special. And the most recent one up until now was; Spider-man homecoming. It was loved by everyone. Which is why when Spiderman into the Spider-Verse was announced, Marvel movie fanatics everywhere were thrilled.

But the fact that the movie was animated left some fanatics a little concerned. We were so used to live action movies. But when the movie premiered and the masses went to go see it, everyone was shaken. I literally myself do not know anyone who considered the movie to be even remotely bad.

Starting off, the soundtrack was amazing, with songs from Juice WRLD, and the hit “sunflower” by Swae Lee and Post Malone, and many other great artists.

This is also the first time we see a “miles” in a Marvel movie. A nice change of pace since he is actually the first African American spiderman in a movie. And the voice actor did a perfect job playing him.

Overall Spider-Verse has got to be one of the top movies of 2018. It was a thriller from start to finish. Everyone who hasn’t seen it definitely has to in the near future.