Beto O’Rourke Visits Austin

Beto O'Rourke Visits Austin

Emanuel Chavez, Staff Writer

Beto O’rourke visited Austin on March 30th. He didn’t come as a visitor but as a Presidential candidate.  To talk to the people of Austin in one of his rallies. What did he come to discuss? His plans for the future, topics such as Healthcare, women’s rights and the legalization of marijuana came up during his time in the Austin rally.

At the beginning of the rally preparations it seemed as if the political fire had dissipated as not many people were there to attend Betos rally, all of that changed when Beto was ready to hop on the stage and give his opinions as soon enough people started gathering all around to listen to what a candidate had to say.

Beto O’rourke seems to have some sort of influence on the people in his rally as many of them seemed to share the same opinion, ‘He is a respectable man’ and ‘He is a candidate that is interested in the people’. Many similar responses.

This was the third rally that Beto has done in Texas in which he was officially running for the presidential tittle. He first started in his home town of  El Paso, then Houston and lastly came here to Austin. These were the first official rallies.

Beto is yet to announce where his next rallies will be located and when they will take place. All we need to to now is that he is definitely a contestant with a loyal follower base.