Crisis in Venezuela

Nancy Bernal, Staff Writer

Venezuela has been in crisis since former president Hugo Chávez led them to what it’s known an economic war. Venezuela has one of the largest petroleum reserves in the world meaning that their economy is mainly based on selling one commodity which is petroleum. Oil was reaching a point where prices were declining making the government question their ability to subsidize basic goods and services for the people. Hyperinflation in the country finds people within a situation where goods and services are a struggle to afford since prices are quickly rising.

Hyperinflation continues under President Nicolás Maduro with the economic policies that have been presented under the rule of Chávez. Maduro, has denied any aid from other countries, responding with tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who attempted in collecting aid from Brazil and Colombia. He has grown increasingly authoritarian, imprisoning political opponents, suppressing protests with violence and overall increasing his control over the media.  

Although the crisis has been depriving the country they’re brought to an opposition leader, Juan Guiadó, who serves as interim president to keep protesting the rule of, Maduro. Guaidó, believes he could bring Venezuela into a democracy and become a better leader for the people.