Lanier Student Receives Lifesaving Award

Eduardo Villa and Linda Vega

Lanier student Sophia Adan received the award for Community Member Lifesaving Award for showing courage, bravery, and skills that potentially saved a young child’s life on 12/03/18.

On the evening of Monday 12/03/18, Sophia was outside of her apartment when she heard screaming from the apartment below. Sophia notified her mother’s boyfriend as she was concerned they were engaged in a fight. The screaming became louder and Sophia followed behind her mother’s boyfriend as she was concerned they were engaged in a fight. The noise became louder as they were heading down stairs where she observed a young girl 4 year old lying unconscious and unresponsive. Sophia had just received training in first aid CPR/AED for infant, child, and adult in Lanier’s Criminal Justice program and stated she knew what to do. Immediately she started performing lifesaving compressions and breathing into the young female child after telling the adults to call 911. The adults called 911, but did not want to wait and brought the car around to take the child to the hospital. Sophia got into the car and continued giving CPR all the way to DELL Children’s Hospital as the child continued to not breathe and was turning purple and blue. Sophia expressed how much fear she felt, but she continued as she was trained and did not stop until staff at DELL Children’s Hospital took over and continued to give compressions to the child and took her back for treatment. Sophia waited at the hospital until her mother arrived to take her home. Hospital staff told Sophia she did an incredible job. The child survived. She was sick and had a severe asthma attack which caused her to stop breathing. Sophia was allowed to visit the child the next day at the hospital and other than tubes coming from her chest the child was awake, alert, and expected to recover fully. Sophia was praised by the child’s family for her lifesaving actions.

Sophia has expressed that she was terrified during the ordeal and struggles to talk about it,  but glad she knew what to do when no one else did. Sophia reacted to a stressful situation without hesitation and relied on the skills and training she had received to save a child’s life. This is the definition of courage especially for a young lady not even out of high school.