French Riots


The Yellow vest riots in France started on the day of November 17th, 2018. It’s been almost four months and there seems to be no stop to it. The reason behind the riots are said to be an increase on taxes; such as the Carbon tax, fuel tax, and as well as the 2017 wealth tax repeal, These are the main ones thrown out there but topics such as Globalism and Neoliberalism also stand out when it comes to a topic to blame.

The yellow vest riots are natural reaction to the changes introduced on France. The day the riots started they were not necessarily peaceful but also not destructive, Its safe to state that the French riots have been exponentially escalating out of control. Nowadays you are likely to find cars on fire, building collapsing, the streets covered in trash, etc. In one of the most recent protests a total of 263 people were injured nationwide, with a 133 being injured in the capital; 23 of those being police force members. 412 people were arrested and 78 of them still remain under custody.

What the yellow vest have stated their motives for doing what they are doing, but they have also stated their demands, they have asked for the currents president Emmanuel Macron to resign from his position, they have asked for the taxes on oil and carbon to be lowered, government accountability, raising the minimum wage, and increase on the standard of living. A big list for sure but if the government decides not to follow the yellow vest demands they have stated that they will not back down.

When will the riots end? Most likely when the people get what they want. As its looking now the people of France will only keep on rioting. The future of the France we once knew before November 17th, 2018 looks dim as its crumbling down in front of our eyes.




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