Lanier Student Receives $8,000 Scholarship

Will Ingman, Staff Editor

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Recently, the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Austin Area announced its winners for a Youth of the Year scholarship. The runner-up for this award was Lanier’s own Kenny Bryant, a Senior. The organization issued this statement from Kenny regarding his award.


Kenneth “Kenny” Bryant Jr.

Boys & Girls Club of the Austin Area’s 2018 Youth of the Year Runner-Up

Award Recipient of $8,000 Scholarship(s)

I want people to know me as somebody who never settles and goes after what is right in the world, but it all goes back to knowing who you are as a person. ‘Giving’ is something that was another staple of my upbringing, and I was guided on how to use my gift to influence and affect other people. I believe being able to instruct others on how to apply make-up or teach individuals the art of dancing based off my experiences, allows me to share my personal brand.

At times, when I did not have anyone to talk to or turn to, the club was there to allow me to vent and process my feelings safely. What the founders of the Boys & Girls Club did for us was give us a window of great opportunity to learn how to speak and work well with others. So, I thank them for seeing a vision for what youth have the potential to be and do and give them a platform to lead great futures.  

Personal Quote: “Know who you are because your self-worth is more important than pleasing other people.”

Three words that describe Kenny: Loving, charismatic, role model

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Lanier Student Receives $8,000 Scholarship