The Little Mermaid

Juliana Mentado Yanez, Staff Writer

The Viking Theater held their production of  The Little Mermaid last week (December 6th thru the 8th). The play was chaotic and hectic, but really well-managed.  The choreography the play had was great and quite spot on. Since I saw the first run of the play, I did notice several mistakes in the production. For example, the microphones for most of the actors did not work. The actors still kept trying their best to talk or sing as loudly as they could, but it was not enough for the people all the way in the back to hear well. The scene designs and props looked so realistic and well put together. The smallest designs that the props had stood out pretty well with the lights that they had. When the scene transitions came, both the lights and music made everything look so smooth. The actors were doing amazing, up until they had to run up on the stage; some of them almost fell face first. Ursula played by Sydney Jones, was my favorite character. All of her lines, facial expressions, and songs were amazing. She was the strongest character up on stage. Her microphone did not work, but she had a strong and loud voice that carried to the back of the auditorium. The musical parts in the play were also well managed. They were all in sync and did not mess up that much. The dancers played a lot more roles. They were also the people who took care of Ariel in Prince Eric’s castle. Prince Eric and Ariel, played by Jefri Navas and Amethyst Daniels,  were both big characters in the play, but Ariel seemed a little too shy on the stage and her mic also didn’t work most of the time. Although she does have a good voice when it came to her singing parts in the play. Prince Eric also had a good voice for his singing parts, only he forgot some lines in a song. Overall, the play was pretty good and I enjoyed seeing it and being in the audience. The small little mistakes and accidents the play had brought it all together.