Free Bus Rides for Students

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Emanuel Chavez and Nancy Bernal

Capital Metro has announced that people under 19 years of age will be able to ride the public bus for free according to their website. K-12 students with a valid ID will be able to ride for free. How will this decision affect those under the age of 19 and the Metro businesses?

Students who depend on the Metro to go places will now be able to save some money as they will get free rides. Free rides might also lead to an increase in the usage of the metro by teenagers as they now have the ability to go anywhere they want for free. The metro is really cheap to use, just give a dollar away and you’ll get where you want to, but making it free will most likely encourage those under 19 years of age to use it more often.

As to how this will affect the Metro system; it most likely will affect the amount of money they use to make, due to the reason that those under 19 will most likely want to ride the metro more often and will take up space from paying customers. This service is most likely being paid for by the government, meaning that they’ll most likely pay for it with taxpayer money. On the other hand, riding the bus for free will be encouraging for students who will no longer have to worry about transportation issues any longer.