Your Mistakes Can Make You A Better Person

Your Mistakes Can Make You A Better Person

Will Ingman, Staff Writer

English writer and poet Alexander Pope is most well- known for a statement from his poem An Essay on Criticism:“to err is human, to forgive is divine”.


I, like many other people, have tried to fit this piece of knowledge to my circumstance. The final translation I’ve settled on is as follows.

Your mistakes make you a better person. The things you consider mistakes might be moments you can learn from. The wisest people are simply the people who have tried and failed the most.

This interpretation doesn’t come from pure speculation, however. I’ve made a number of critical errors in my life, and learning from them was the biggest growth process I’ve ever experienced. For example, I escalated a conflict with someone who had been harassing me, and as a result I was expelled from my middle school and admitted to a mental hospital.

While it felt like the worst mistake of my lifeand I still admit it wasn’t the smart choice, I’ve come to recognize that making that choice got me out of that sharply toxic environment, got me treatment for my mental illness, and is the main reason I’m in a situation where I wouldn’t change anything.

Extracting the positive from a potentially negative choice is an unequivocally essential life skill. Making the best of a bad situation is the only way to break the cycle of negativity brought on by a bad environment. If there’s one thing that you need to develop as you become an adult, it’s the ability to learn from your mistakes.