The Hate We Still Give

Daisy Garcia, Staff Writer

Even though we live in a new generation, it is disappointing to see that hate is still a very common feeling between people. Even though we’re supposed to be more civilized compared to the way we were in the past,  not a whole lot has actually changed. There still is a lot of racism going on; I see it more today than what people saw in the past even. Recently a man killed 11 people and left others injured in a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, he claimed he wanted all Jews to die.

It is sad to see that some people believe they’re superior to others because of ethnicity, lifestyle, or social class. No matter who the person is, where they come from or the kind of lifestyle they live, everyone deserves the same treatment. What good does it do to hate another person? Does it bring joy to a person the who is hating another? Hate does not benefit anyone at all. In fact, it prevents some from fully living a happy life. It prevents you from enjoying yourself, from going out and from doing almost anything. In the world we live in, there are a lot of things happening because of hate. People’s lives are taken away because of hate and that just brings more hate into the world. There are many hate crimes that happened back then and even now. People hate those who are different, whether it’s the way they look, how they dress, the religion they practice, or the lifestyle they live. No matter what a person does, others might not agree with it, but that does not matter. People aren’t going to change the way they are to please others. And overall, why would it be better if everyone was the same?

The world wouldn’t be what it is now if everyone was the same. The beautiful thing about the world, is that there is diversity, and every single person makes it better in every way by being who they are. Unfortunately, people still feel hate, and even though it’s a horrible thing, the beauty in it is that there are kind people in the world, and they help bring the rest together. I believe there are more kind people in the world  than people who have hate in them. Those with kind hearts are the ones that keep this world going, by bringing love to others no matter who they are.