FIFA 19…The best FIFA yet?


Cristian Suarez, Staff Writer

With PES 2019 coming out earlier than FIFA many soccer fanatics are questioning which one to get. Although PES doesn’t look that bad it is clear that FIFA is still the best soccer game out. This year they changed up the kick-off mode by introducing a variety of challenges that gamers can enjoy. You can choose from no rules to survival mode which takes out a player every time you score. Also, this year is the finale of the journey with Alex Hunter, his sister Kim Hunter, and his friend Danny Williams. In FIFA 19 for a long time there were no licensed European competitions, but now with PES license expired FIFA players can now play the Champions League and Europa league. The online mode ultimate team looks like it’s going to retain its title as the most popular game mode. With even more icons being introduced and a new mode replacing divisions called divisions rivals. This is a new way of qualifying to fut champions. All in all, this isn’t the best FIFA yet but it could compete with some of the other FIFA games that we all love and enjoyed during our childhood.