Read Woke Challenge

Photo credit to Alyssa Vega

Alyssa Vega

Photo credit to Alyssa Vega

Nancy Bernal, Staff Writer

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A couple weeks ago, the Read Woke Challenge, a competition to encourage students to read books with themes of social justice, began. Hundreds of books in the library have a label with red tape, that have the letters “RW,” which stands for “Read Woke.”

Now, what exactly does it mean to be “woke”? To sum it up, it is to be aware or alert about something going on around you. Our loyal Lanier Librarian, Ms. Hersh, explained what a woke book is, her explanation of a woke book is for it to be about a group of people or a person that has suffered from some sort of injustice. For example, some injustices that people deal with are racism, sexism, workplace discrimination, and other situations. Any of those books covering themes like that, can be selected to read for the challenge, as long as you have not already read that book before in the past. If it’s been read before, then unfortunately it won’t be counted for participation. Also Ms. Hersh has brought an opportunity to students by being able to host occasional afterschool woke movies that can replace one book out of the four needed to complete the challenge, although this task can only be done once for each student choosing to complete the challenge to make it fair for all involved.

Students who read four books, will receive the grand prize which is a Read Woke T-Shirt. The library will hold a finale rally party for all who read all four books and took the quizzes. The library will have community speakers and food. In addition, on November 1st, the Rules of Attraction author Simone Elkeles will visit the library to meet with Lanier High School students.