Hurricane Michael Kiss of Destruction


Jennifer Lugo, Staff Writer


Hurricanes are tropical cyclones; storms that rotate counterclockwise with wind speed of 74 mph. They form near warm ocean water that cause the air to evaporate and form clouds, causing a hurricane to form. These storms can be deadly and destroy everything that is on their direction. In this case, a hurricane called “Hurricane Michael”, with a category of 4 and wind speed over 155 mph, has hit Florida on October 10, 2018.

Hurricane Michael came in, causing a huge impact in Florida. The hurricane attacked the coastal town area, buildings and structures, flooding everything that was in its direction. The houses that many residents where in has been washed away by the massive waves of the hurricane. Half of the residents who lived by the area where the hurricane hit, didn’t have enough time to evacuate. This is the first time Florida has gone through a hurricane with a category 4, and has left them with everything destroyed. A sheriff of the Franklin County has stated to CNN It’s bad, we’ve been through hurricanes but never where we were completely cut off like this.”

The aftermath of the hurricane’s destruction spree has left people with no electricity, no food, no shelter, and no time to prepare of the outcome. Brad Kieserman, vice president of disaster operations and logistic of for American Red Cross stated “This storm went from a tropical storm to a projected Cat 3 at landfall in six hours yesterday, it’s not behaving normally. It intensified extremely quickly. It didn’t give anyone time to do much, and the one thing you can’t get back in a disaster is time.”

Not only has the hurricane destroyed buildings, but it has also taken the lives of so many. The death toll keeps on rising since they’re still trying to find people who didn’t evacuate or remain missing. About 35 people were pronounced dead and they’re still trying to find more survivors or bodies that were affected.

However, not many people have lost their faith. A resident of Florida states  “It will be a good lesson for the kids to be appreciative of the things they have — power, water, air conditioning. In a couple of days they will look back and say, ‘we made it through.’ Another resident states “My shop is down, (but) I’m not in bad spirits, this just made my faith grow.” They may have lost everything that was very important to them, but they’re holding on to hope and love.



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