Wings or what ?


Alberto Gonzalez, Staff Writer

There’s a place not too far from our lovely school campus that I can’t help but think about when times are at their toughest. Sometimes I get super hungry after school, due to all the work I’m not doing, so I pay this home away from home a long visit. These days, when not at school, I’m either in bed or at one of those lovely wooden tables. When I feel like eating my pain away, this lowkey and underrated joint is the only place worthwhile that comes to mind.

Yes, Pluckers is not that place. However, it’s relatively nearby; just across the street from the P. Terry’s on Burnet Rd. The red neon sign of love and warmth calls me every time I pass by there. Contrary to the “Icehouse” in its title, Waterloo is a cozy place with some of the most eclectic styles of music I’ve heard a restaurant play.

Waterloo is a great spot to just unwind and chew the fat with some classmates after the day is done, especially with a large order of their buffalo wings. Bone-in wings, or boneless if you’re that type, with a side of ranch, in a cute little bowl, will send you to the moon. Be sure to get two of the little bowls; one for dipping and the other for sipping. I haven’t found a better way to end a sunny afternoon than to get a refreshing sip of the mystical Waterloo water. I honestly have no idea how, but they’ve managed to make water taste great. And the wings are just an appetizer, to merely get you started down the rabbit hole that is the Waterloo Menu.

There is so much to choose from: starting with a burger called “The Works” that is mesmerizing and the crisp tater tots that compliments so much of what is on the menu extremely well. And for any vegans out there who feel they may be missing out on a good slam, there is a burger with your name on it, too. At the end of a hardy meal, I tend to become increasingly indecisive about the drink situation. The water is great, and so is the Doppelgänger or Big Red, yet I can’t ever stop myself from getting a thicc vanilla milkshake. However, I always keep in mind that the shake is an off-menu item, and that the servers go out of their way to make me one, so I always leave a big phat tip right after.

Even after all that jazz, the feast can’t possibly end at Waterloo. There is the multitude of sandwiches like my personal fave “Catfish Po’boy”, a variety of tacos (even one called “The Gringo”), plus an endless supply of sides to go with every meal. From Mac ‘n’ Cheese to the cole slaw, from the onion rings to the black beans; I’m led to believe they’ve traveled the country for some of the best combinations and mixes of food-culture that they came across. However, for the unadventurous few on this campus, if you really need it there is a kiddos menu just waiting for you to chow down.

Fun fact: the ranch I mentioned earlier is a concoction of their own making; one that I wouldn’t mind downing every once in a while. I’m telling you, Waterloo goes all out when it comes to the rise and dine.

I know for students on budgets it can get difficult to go out to eat at restaurants every week. I applaud you for getting that bread. However, you needn’t worry at Waterloo about financial stability because, firstly, it’s not a restaurant it’s an ice house and, secondly, it has a lot of specials that’ll come to save your day. Make Thursday your new Friday with their 75¢ hot wings (or 50¢ boneless wings, again we won’t judge you), or make it in before 7 for the Happy Hour discount on appetizers.

Let’s all get this bread by spending our money on some beautifully filling meals after a hard week of learning and procrastination. Waterloo knows when we need a break so the neon sign like sirens just may draw you in like it did me.