Life is hard sometimes. It should be okay to admit that.

Life is hard sometimes. It should be okay to admit that.

Will Ingman, Staff Writer

Admitting you’re struggling is a tough thing to do. That much is common knowledge. As someone with diagnosed depression, I had to confront my problems a long time ago. But a short, brief summary like that generalizes the issue too much. It reads like there are only two states of being: either you’re blissfully aware of your problems, or you’ve acknowledged them, faced them, and come out on top.

But what about the people in the middle? People who let their depression or anxiety control them, but aren’t ready or willing to face those conditions? The people who wake up, struggle to get out of bed and wind up sleeping all day instead of going to school or work? What can those people do to get out of that hole?

The first step is admitting that you struggle with something. You can’t conquer a problem without knowing it’s a problem.

Some people would disagree with that mentality. People tend to think that acknowledging mental health issues makes you weak, or lesser. Lines of thought like that are the biggest obstacle in conquering your own issues.

I thought like that once. By keeping myself from that realization, I prevented myself from getting better. And I know I’m not the only person who does that.

As a junior, my cohort and I find ourselves slowly marching towards the titanic hurdle of graduation. I’ll be leaving my parents’ place and finding my way in the world. The time will eventually come when curling up in a ball and shutting the world out will have more consequences than a phone call home or an attendance plan. And to climb over that mountain, to face that issue and win, the first step is admitting that it’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to be depressed, or anxious, or suicidal. It’s okay to admit that life is hard sometimes. It doesn’t make you weaker, or less than human, nor does it make your opinion any less valid. In fact, admitting something like that to yourself is the strongest thing a person can do.