Cody Wilson, 3-D printed gun proponent has been arrested in Taiwan


Photo credit to Creative Tools from Halmstad, Sweden

Emanuel Chavez, Writer

The 3-D printed gun machines rolls, with or without Cody Wilson.

Cody Wilson, the founder of a successful 3-D printed gun company called Defense Distributed (DD) was willing to sell the plans to create your own gun to anyone for any amount of money. The lowest price he was willing to sell the plans at was 1 U.S. dollar. Wilson had received warnings against this by the Government, but Wilson wouldn’t stop, as he knew what he was doing was completely legal, creating a product and selling it for a price; it was like an ordinary business.

The 19th of September, Cody had been found to have payed 500$ to an underage 16 year old girl for sex. As the story goes; Cody had met this girl in a Sugar baby website. “She had verified to be to 18 in the website; so I assumed she was 18” Wilson stated. He has been charged with sexual assault of a minor, but the authorities had been too slow to detain Cody as he had fled the country that same day. Cody Wilson’s trip didn’t last too long as he was caught two days later, September 21st, in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. He was imprisoned and released on a $150,000 bail.

September 26th; Cody Wilson was forced to resign from the company he had started from the ground up. It was a quick trip for Cody. But not all was as bad as it seemed. Although he was forced to resign; the company he created will go on to sell its products, with or without Cody Wilson. He will however not be receiving any of the financial profits.