Evil Within Two Review

Liz Becker, Staff Writer

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The Evil Within 2, has been long awaited since the release of the first game back on October 14th, 2014. Three years later on October 13, 2017, the sequel has finally arrived, reintroducing some of our favorite characters. Sebastian Castellanos, the infamous detective in both games, is on a new mission that’s full of horror. In this new adventure, we jump right into Sebastian’s tragic past that he has failed to overcome. His former partner, Juli Kidman, finds our drunken detective, and forces a great responsibility onto him. As if the “death” of his child and wife wasn’t enough, he now has to journey through a new twisted reality. Monsters roam around everywhere as he tries to find those he has been forced to save, in order to find his daughter. Crafting and collecting items is key in the game, because you don’t want to have a single bullet while faced with dozens of enemies. While he works through the challenges on the inside, Kidman is there to guide him on the outside.

It’s a new gory adventure, and producer Shinsaku Ohara, along with director John Johanas, have really heightened the game. Compared to the first Evil Within, the sequel has been getting great reviews and was nominated for Best Horror Global Game in 2017.

“Better than the first and truly horrifying.” A user on GameCrate had said, “and I was surprised to see how much the game has evolved.”

The Evil Within 2 can be bought for up to 30 dollars, and has been made for PS4 and Xbox One consoles. It has been rated mature due to the intense violence, but that’s why it’s so much fun. If you want a great horror game to play that keeps you on your feet, this evil story is recommended.


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