Freshman Making History


Angel Gorostieta, Staff writer

On February 10, Gabriella preformed her solo at Lyndon B. Johnson Early College High School (LBJ) in front of a judge. She performed “Adagio” by Mozart in front of her judge and just a few hours later she was given the good news, she recieved an one.

Solo and ensemble is a competition in which a student may preform a solo or an ensemble with a few other students in front of a judge and receive a score for it. Students are given the option to perform at the practice event at Reagan High School or the University Interscholastic League (UIL) official solo and ensemble at LBJ High School. As far as scores go, five being the worst one being the best. There are different classes of music that can be played, one being the hardest, two being moderate, and three easy. In order to advance to state and receive a letterman jacket in the case of a solo, the solo must be class one and be performed from memory. If the person received a score of one from a judge they proceed to state. This year only one person advanced to state, a freshman by the name of Gabriella Jeannette Perez.

Gabriella is a talented clarinet player who earlier in the year amazed the Lanier HS band by being one of the few people to advance in another event known as regionals. Where a player performs a piece and get ranked among other players. She made it past the first round which no other freshmen did, and while she didn’t advance after that, she still showed everyone that she has skill. Not to mention that she didn’t have a lot of time to practice compared to other students since her piece went from being a class one to a class two. But she was determined to perform a class one, so she changed her piece and had less time to learn and memorize a completely different piece.

In an interview when asked how she felt about the news of her getting an one she said “I was nearly in shock”. Claiming that she expected to do good but she never thought of doing that good.

After all that hard work was done, after hours and hours of practice, we asked her why she did all of it. She said “I just wanted a letterman jacket”.

Gabriella manages to juggle all advanced classes, all the work from them, and manage to find time to practice her clarinet. Truly a star student, and a great musician.

Her advice for others is “Try it out, if you don’t succeed, you’ll know what you did wrong and then fix it, then you’ll do better the next time, and if you still don’t accomplish your goal, repeat the process all over again until you do, this doesn’t apply to only freshmen.”

Her performance at the state competition will be on the 26 of May, if you see her in the halls don’t forget to wish her good luck.