I Say We Keep it!!



Marlene Capilla, staff writer

       Changing the name of our school without knowing who Sidney Lanier really was, and wasting so much money for it, is wack. Therefore, the school’s name, Lanier High School, should not be changed and should be maintained.

        The AISD school board is changing school names that are named after people who have ties with the Confederacy with the goal of finalizing names by next August 2018. The man that our school is named after, Sidney Lanier, was a musician, poet, and author and served in the Confederate Army, but that wasn’t his legacy. He was against slavery. According to Texas Monthly, he never was a leader nor an apologist for slavery. Even though Sidney was in the Confederate Army he was no leader and he even rejoiced over the end of slavery. He was a kind of example we all wish students should aspire to emulate.  

          About $77,000 is needed to change a middle or high school’s name according to AISD and KXAN news. New signs, banners, sports gear and shirts, papers, cheerleading outfits, dance team outfits, and all paintings on school walls or ground would have to be modified and changed. Going through this change is really not the smartest decision that has been made by the district. All this money could be used for other good causes. Instead of wasting all this money the district should help students pay for  their lunches so that they could obtain a good lunch for themselves every day because even though a handful of students receive free or reduced lunch many students have to pay for their lunch and do not have the money to pay or the district could pay for planning for trips that educate and inspire students. This money could even help to get supplies and equipment. Our school is a Title 1 which means we are economically disadvantaged and very low on equipment and supplies because we hardly ever have money for anything extra.

       If Lanier would have been an actual participant and leader in the Confederate Army, I would silence myself and watch them change the name, but it’s not about that. Sidney is not what people think; therefore, the name Lanier should forever remain. It’s a name that we love all!