Frankentoy Event


Hector Machuca

Yesenia Lopez and Eduardo Villa

On Oct 26, 2017  a Halloween contest was held at Lanier High School’s library.

The winners of the contest received a shirt that says “Power to the Readers.”

In order to win the contest the students had to make a toy  that consisted of parts of two other stuffed toys, hence, giving the toy the name Frankentoy.

The name Frankentoy sprung from the novel Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly in which a man like monster  is created out of parts of dead humans and then brought to life from a electric charge.

Five teachers and various other staff members participated in this event to help twenty- five students on Thursday, October 26th, after school.  Students and staff donated their old stuffed animals and crafts to make this event possible. Students were informed about this event while listening to the announcements.

Mrs. Emily Hersh, Lanier’s Librarian, specially invited two teachers and their students. She invited Ms. Ursuala Durden’s and Ms. Elena Velasco’s classes, who brought twenty students each.

Alexus Giles, a student in Ms.Durden’s class, said “I liked making creations; taking it apart and building it together.”

Ms. Hersh said that this event was made to celebrate Halloween and to have fun. She commented that she likes to do different types of events, because it brings in different types of students to the library.

“Our Frankentoy event was a great success, the participants were more creative than I ever imagined. Thank you to everyone who donated or participated.” – Mrs. Hersh