A Homecoming Never to be Forgotten!

Marlene Capilla and Raevin Canales

In the third of week of October, the Lanier Vikings celebrated their Homecoming. The week was all about Vikings! The themes for the week were Dynamic Monday on Oct 16 , Tacky Tuesday on Oct 17, Superhero vs. Villain Wednesday on Oct 18 , Throwback Thursday Oct 19 , and VIKING SPIRIT Friday on Oct 20. On Friday the Freshman and Sophomores wore white, Juniors wore black, and Seniors wore gold.

      The Homecoming Football Game was held on Oct 20, 2017 on Nelson Field, against Travis High School. As Friday slowly came up, the week ended with a pep rally after school on Friday. The whole school showed its spirit and support by getting rowdy for the game.

      The game was full of Vikings and  Viking supporters. The band performed its show before the game started and played the National Anthem under the Texas and United States flag. During half time, the band played again and the Homecoming Prince and Princesses and King and Queen nominees were announced. The Freshman Prince and Princess were Jeffery Jackson and Sydney Jones. The Sophomore Prince and Princess were Ray Rodriguez and Araceli Valenzuela. The Junior Prince and Princess were Elder Lopez and Perla Garcia. The nominees for  Homecoming King were, Tajik Bartholomew, Brayan Reyes, Roderick Ellison, and Shelove Dorsainvil. Homecoming Queen nominees were Marisol Godina, Yazmin Salazar, Martha Zuniga, and Jaylene Lopez.

However, The King and Queen, were not announced till Saturday night at the Homecoming Dance. (Homecoming King was Shelove Dorsainvil and Homecoming Queen Jaylene Lopez.)

The team came home with a win of 21-17.  We asked Marcos Heimann, a football player on Lanier’s Football team, “How did you feel before the game started?” and He said, “I was nervous. I didn’t know how to feel if we lost the game, it would be embarrassing if we lost the week of our homecoming, but I’m proud that we won because we worked together and took the win home!”