ACL Fest

Mariah Ortegon, Diana Feliciano, and Kizra Fatima

Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL Fest) is a place where upcoming and well  known artists come to perform at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. On Oct 5, 2017 four students from Lanier High School’s Journalism and Audio/Video class received a unique opportunity to go ACL Fest. There were many popular artists performing that day such as Jay-Z and Martin Garrix. Around 7 p.m.  Martin Garrix’s set was starting to come together for Garrix’s performance. Martin Garrix is a famous Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Artist. In fact, he is the number one DJ in the world and one of the first artists to play EDM at ACL. The crowd went wild as Garrix came on stage to perform. The songs that he played were mostly all of his original songs. The stage setup greatly helped fire up the crowd and induced a new energy everytime a different song would start to play. Garrix’s show was supposed end within a hour, however, he ended up playing for an extra thirty minutes and the crowd did not seem to mind.

The last performance of the night was Shawn Corey Carter or also known as in the music industry, Jay-Z. Jay-Z is an American rapper and business man born in Brooklyn, New York.

Jay-Z’s show was planned to start at 8:30 p.m. however, he showed up to his set fashionably late around 8:45 p.m. He started off with a popular song called, “Run This Town” which featured Rihanna. His set included 19 other songs with two encores.

During his performance, the crowd cheered and applauded many times. He also gave little speeches during  breaks between songs. He spoke to everyone about how he believed that we should never let anyone bring us down and always keep our head up and, never give up on our dreams because anyone is capable of succeeding. Towards the end of the show, Jay-Z came out unexpectedly to perform two encores, pulling everyone back towards the stage.