HALLOWEEN (1978) Movie review

HALLOWEEN (1978) Movie review

Angel Gorostieta Perez and Fernando Canada

In the spirit of Halloween and getting s p o o k y we will be reviewing the slasher film HALLOWEEN from 1978! We will be covering the best and worst parts of this horror classic for you to enjoy.

The movie begins with an escaped mental hospital patient who jumps out the  shadows on to a moving vehicle. This vehicle belongs to Dr. Loomis, the doctor that was assigned to treat him. The patient attacks Dr. Loomis and an unknown nurse then he proceeds to steal their car to drive back to Haddonfield.  Then the patient Michael Myers stalks Laurie, a teenager, then killing her friends in the process.

What the movie did right was that it built up suspense to the point where Michael first started killing his victims and the composing of an outstanding soundtrack. This movie also gave us the most iconic slashers of the horror movie genre. However, no movie is ever perfect and this one does come with some flaws. For example, the acting being a bit dull at some points and seeming bad. However, you can’t give it to much criticism due to it being made in 1978 and the actors’ first film.

It’s an alright film and is essential to understand the rest of the series, but really in my eyes it’s more funny than scary. It’s packed with horror movie cliches including, but not limited to: tripping while running away from the murderer, the phone not working, the window being locked while trying to escape, and a miraculous last minute rescue.