How to Adult: Keep it Green and Keep it Clean

 The members of the Viking Voice Staff wanted to write about an important topic at Lanier. We love the environment and we want everyone to help us to take care of it and think about the consequences of not recycling. 

Interview with Leader of Green Teens

What is the importance of recycling?

 Arianna Colasanti, the Chemistry and Aquatic Science teacher says, “ most of the stuff we throw away can’t be recycled and we need to recycle to help our Earth. To help we need to reduce what we use.

The number one action we could take to help right now would be to reduce our use of plastic bags or stop using them all together.

How can we encourage people to recycle?

Ms. Colasanti says, ” We are trying to educate people in the public and the city is trying to help reduce waste areas ( City of Austin Zero Waste Initiative ). These are ways we are trying to get people to recycle in Lanier’s community. 

The number one action we could take to help out would be to tell a neighbor to recycle the things that he or she does not use.

What are some things we can recycle?

    • Metal
    • Clean and/or Dry Paper
    • Hard plastic
    • Glass containers

10 Eco-Tips  from Eco

  1. Think before you buy. (Do you really need the items?)
  2. Reuse items that you already have, like plastic bags or jeans.
  3. Make your own products using items you already have.
  4. Borrow and share before you buy books.
  5. Try repairing items before replacing them. (If something breaks fix it.)
  6. Buy gently used things second-hand.
  7. Buy eco-friendly items such as non-toxic or recycled materials.
  8. Save water and reduce water usage.
  9. Eat organic foods.
  10. Keep electronics out of the trash, donate or recycle them.