When talking about things such as suicide, rape, depression or other serious topics, there are those that like to laugh about it. They treat it like it’s an everyday joke, nothing more. It’s most likely because they must have a perfect life, right? Or they could be just that immature, to have the nerve to toy with someone’s life.

They don’t stop to think that maybe someone near them is going through something cruel. It’s so heartbreaking because then people wonder why teenagers don’t want to reach out. Thanks to that so called “joke” it brought fear and doubt into their minds. They wouldn’t want to be laughed at again, so it’s better to just keep it a secret. Fake a smile. Fake a laugh. Deal with all those jokes again.

However, it’s not just the students creating these unsafe environments, it’s teachers as well. Shocking right? No one would ever think that the adult would be joking about it as well. They’re supposed to be the ones helping by giving advice. Being role models to those unfortunate folk. It’s bad when a student does it, but with a teacher it’s much worse.

Making fun of serious topics will only encourage students to make fun of it even more instead of trying to make the student feel more at ease. Students will feel that “if the teacher does it then that must mean it’s ok.”

It’s not. They are just cowards who don’t know how it feels, to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. It’s truly a pity that someone could sink that low. That’s a person’s life at stake.

So thanks for letting them know that people would rather corrupt a life, than save one. Feeling guilty yet?