Regionals Here We Come!

Laurie Beaman


Vikings run to victory once again. On April 18 and 19 of 2017 Tajik Bartholomew and Roderick Eddison, two juniors from Lanier High School (LHS) blazed through their competition and have earned themselves a spot at Regionals.

These two student athletes made a big name for themselves. They have also showed the true meaning of being a Viking; “Pride, Respect and Responsibility.” Both Eddison and Bartolomew are in AP classes, other extracurricular activities around the campus, and do maintain their social lives and still manage to do big things for their track team.

While still making a big accomplishment, they still believe that they did not do as well as they had wanted to at Regionals. These two juniors have made Justin Beaman and Laurie Beaman, the track coaches of LHS proud with their performance and determination.

Bartolomew and Eddison definitely have something to prove to themselves next year and that is, “Can we be better than before?” We wish you guys the best of luck next year in everything you participate in senior year.