Picture By: Google Inks

Picture By: Google Inks

Liz Becker, Editor/ Author/ Staff Writer

Ever since day one I knew this year was hard,

It was like life was saying, “Here’s more stress,” on a big fat card.

I found my friends and lost a few,

But at least I got a new view.

Teachers were nice and some were mean,

And I guess I should’ve seen,

That the darkness was returning deep into my heart,

I always said, “I’m fine,” until he finally tore me apart.

Tears were shed and lies were told,

And I always had to be bold.

This year was definitely crazy,

It makes my vision hazy.

Some things were fixed while others were not,

And I felt like I just wanted to rot.

Everything is over and with a heavy sigh,

I throw this year away and say a proud goodbye.