Nahum Pacheco Salazar

Viking Valor

May 22, 2017

Early mornings and  long hours all are worth it because certain students make the privilege of teaching them worth it.

The guests were welcomed with warmed smiles from students. The orchestra played classical music in the background while students, family, and staff got their pictures taken for this memorable event. When the students entered the cafeteria they would be greeted by fellow students and signed in.

They took a seat at the gold tables that were decorated with black and gold balloons. Once the cafeteria was full, Hopkins hopped onto the stage, greeted everyone, and thanked them for coming to celebrate their child’s success. Hopkins gave a speech to encourage students’ parents to be involved with them academically. Afterwards, there was a short break so that family and staff could get a bite to eat. During the dinner there was an award winning orchestra playing non-stop music as people walked by them to get into line.

Jason Wood, an ex-pro with 20 years of baseball experience and who is currently the manager of the Pelicans, was invited to come and give a speech to all of the Viking Valor students. His gave an inspirational speech about his personal life and about his wife battling cancer. He encouraged all of the families present to always be involved in their children’s academics and participate in their choices about their futures.

After a heart warming speech, the ceremony concluded with family pictures that would be printed and picked up in the front office the next day.

Overall, the students and families went home with fulfillment and a sense of achievement.

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