Training For Life

Mariah Ortegon and Alba Bustillo

     On Saturday, April 22 Lanier High School’s students of the Law Enforcement II class went on a field trip. This field trip was to a training ground where the Austin Fire Department does their training for their recruits and training for existing firefighters. 

The students left Lanier’s campus around 7:40am and met up with the Lyndon B. Johnson High (LBJ) School’s Austin Fire Department Training class. Students went through 4 real-life situations involving a fire and suspicious death crime scene.  The LBJ students’ job was to  put out a fake fire while the LHS kids went in and collected evidence and secured the scene.

Eric Tejeda, a student from Lanier High School who participated in collecting of evidence said, “It was a very exciting day because we got to learn the importance of every single role an officer has.”

    The LBJ students used a fire truck and a hose and went through a complicated series of steps to put out the imaginary fire. Next, the LHS students had different jobs such as collecting crime scene evidence, keeping people out the crime scene area, and taking pictures of the victims of the fire and then removing the dead bodies.  An example of a different job would include when LHS students acted as Perimeter officers who kept track of who entered the scene and when they left.  

Mariah Ortegan, Lanier High School student who played the role of a Perimeter officer mentions that, ” It was very important to keep anyone from entering the crime scene because then they could accidentally mess up something that is important to the case.”

     Stephanie Thomson, the teacher of Law Enforcement at Lanier High School stated that  “Students were able to demonstrate their skills and understanding of criminal investigations during the showcase. This opportunity allowed students to interact with other students  such as the LBJ Fire Academy… and also see firsthand how [AFD] is intertwined with the purpose of saving lives and serving the community. The students did an excellent job during the showcase and truly displayed their knowledge and enthusiasm for law enforcement. I am excited to be a part of this next generation… My hope with this program is for it to continue to grow… Every student that went seemed to have learned a lot and got a feel for the law enforcement life.”

Alba Bustillo, a student from Lanier High School, says “it was a nice experience besides the cold weather, and I learned some things about the APD, they do a lot to make sure the crime scenes are solved, I enjoyed that day really well.”