Lennon Bus

Sebastian Reyes and Eric Tejeda

The week after spring break, the Lennon Bus came to Lanier for the whole week. They allowed students to go in, and they got a tour of the bus learning about all the equipment they have on board, including film making, and music creation, which all was done on board. The bus was divided into three sections. The first section was used as both a joint and a full music studio with 5.1 surround sound setup and a triple monitor setup, and also was where all the video editing was done. The second section was another a dedicated music studio, but smaller and was made so they could be working on two separate projects at the same time. All sections were divided by glass doors which were totally soundproof. Lastly, the final room was used as the sleeping room, but had walls which were made out of a special material which worked as a green screen when properly lit. It was used as a filming room for anything they might need, also it was a special room because it had sound canceling foam all around the room so it was used as a vocal booth for when they had to record something with a lot of detail or wanted nothing but clean audio with no background or ambient noises. On the outside of the bus, they had two booths set up, one with a guitar, drums, and a digital piano for the students to use and learn on for fun, and the second booth was from the sponsor Audio Technica, and they had a set of their ATH-M50X headphones for anyone to hook up to their phones. Also, they had a big model of the headphones for students to take a photo with, and post it on Instagram for a chance to win a free pair of the ATH-M50X with the hashtag #BigM50.