Vikinging Our way To Special Olympics

Fernando Canada, Staff Writer

The Special Olympics is an event where special education kids can participate in sports and win medals and ribbons to celebrate their hard work. Since the Olympics is a year-round program , every two months they play a new sport.

The athletes rotate through bowling as the first sport played September to November, basketball as the second sport set January through February, and track and field for the third sport taking place from March through April. The final sport they play is soccer set in May.

Before the Special Olympics ended,we interviewed some of the contestants available at the time about how their experiences were in the Special Olympics and how many medals and ribbons they’ve earned. Most have enjoyed the Olympics and enjoy playing the sports because of how much fun they had being involved in this great activity. They all have earned either a medal or a ribbon and are very proud to have received these accolades. In years past, Lanier High School has won two Gold Medals in soccer. According to their teacher, Mrs.Durden, Lanier has participated in this program for the last 20 years and has had more students participating in the Special Olympics than any other school in AISD.

Despite the disorders they may have these athletes show us that even with obstacles in the way,we can still work hard and strive for the goals we set. Win or lose, the students have fun in the Special Olympics.

We wish them luck in all of their future endeavors .