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Jennifer Nunez, Susi Morales, and Juan Ramirez

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On January 5, two Lanier students, Micheal Cruz and Israel Cruz won 1st and 2nd place at the Travis County Youth Show Welding Contest. Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems, also known as Ag Mech, is the teaching of art welding using the Oxy-Acetylene and Arc welding methods. To win the contest students had to present a eight minute presentation over the Ag Mech and Vet Medical programs offered at Lanier High School.

“It feels amazing to win something you have been striving for so long,” said Mech Ag and Vet teacher, Julia Ricicar. “We know we are great but to be recognized for what we do is great.”

Ricicar is proud of her students accomplishments whether or not they win, but the effort put into it made the performance all worth while.

Lanier High school’s Future Farmers of America chapter (FFA) is among the top 30 such programs in the nation. There are about 7,859 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Origin Islands all around 650000 national FFA members all together.

Micheal and Israel Cruz had to “…practice, practice, practice” in order to win. The students plan to honor community members with the money prize of $5oo.00.  They believe that without support from the community, they would have not won.

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