Is Love Really Worth it ?

Jada Stewart, Staff Writer

Love can be a beautiful thing. It can make you happy. It can be heartwarming, but the best choice is to not fall in love. Love is time consuming, heart wrenching, and addictive. Falling in love can and will ruin your life.

Falling in love will drain any time you have for yourself. Being attached to someone wanting their endless and undivided attention will have you running to the sand man begging for sleep. From personal experience with being in love, I dealt with wanting my partner’s eyes only on me causing me to become paranoid, and worry if he was cheating on me at all times.  Or, in short, many sleepless nights and only focusing on him and nothing more. I became his drone. I could’ve avoided all of this by not falling in love.

Heart breaking, soul tearing, and confusing. Many will argue that love is amazing and, at first, it can be. But, like everything in life it has an end and when love does end it will destroy you. A pain so overwhelming comes with the ending of love. Constantly feeling you’re not enough, and feeling that there is not anyone out there for you, is another side effect of falling in love. The best choice to avoid all of this is not fall in love.

Lastly,  love is a drug and it is addictive. Feeling a warmth, being wanted becomes something that everyone in love starts to crave. The scary reality is, “Too much of a good thing won’t be good for long.” Being desperate for attention and affection can push you over the edge of sanity and dealing with the withdrawal can be life threatening. Like they tell you in school “Don’t do drugs,” and I say “Don’t do love.”

In conclusion, love is painful; it’s like cold ice cream and with warmth it will melt. But, then you are left with only a puddle of emotions that can’t be cleaned up so easily. Love is not worth it. Falling in love is cruel and not kind.

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