Seniors and Finals


Paul Rios

Juan Alvarez and Paul Rios

As we come the last days of our great journey of our second to last semesters, we’ve asked our fellow senior classmates what their perspective is on finals. Jada Stewart responded with “finals are scary, especially in my case since I’m in extracurricular activities and can’t attend tutoring” and another from Juan Alvarez said “I feel that finals are necessary no matter what the grade level, it shows that the student actually learns something and will determine if they pass or fail.”

In my opinion, I feel that Juan is right due to the fact that it counts for a whole six weeks grade and will nonetheless show if you actually paid attention and learned. We go to class every other day for an entire semester, constantly learning new things. The final is a test on all that we learn and is important not only for a grade, but as well as showing how the students have grown.

Also as seniors we should have learned how to handle finals because of our three-year experience at Lanier High School. Finals as a freshman may be “scary”, but if anything it shows you how high school and onward will be like for you. As seniors, however, we should already know the routine and have confidence in what we are being tested over.  College is no different, high school finals will prepare you for this pressure.

Since our elementary years, we have always had some type of final test, a test that will determine if we move on to the next grade level. Finals are rather similar in which we use all our prior knowledge from the semester to complete. How much one learns will show in whether or not they are worthy of passing an exam.

In contrast to showing what someone has learned, finals can even help those who haven’t done quite well. Since it accounts for an entire six weeks grade it’s important not to bomb the test. Someone in Jada’s shoes would definitely have a reason to be stressed. Getting a passing grade however on a class one has been failing in will be extremely beneficial and can also be the reason he or she will earn the credit in that class.

Although finals can cause stress it is the most important tests one will take all semester. All the knowledge you’ve learned since the very first step you’ve taken in that class will be on the final exam, so it is important to always focus and remember to study and have a good night’s rest before coming into class.