Why raise it?

Mariah Ortegon, Staff Writer

The driving age should not be raised to twenty one because teens will most likely take driving more seriously and will not be reckless while driving alone or with others.

According to a debate website (debate.org) “a 16 year old new driver would at least practice with their parents, something most 21 year olds would likely not be able to do or simply not want to do. This practice is what gains experience for the new driver which is more important than how old the driver is.”

Another disadvantage of raising the driving age to twenty one would be transportation. According to a Reference website “[if] teens are unable to drive, they may also be unable to maintain steady employment.”When teens do not have a way of getting around to school or work they might not be able to get the right education every day or getting the money they need to repay their parents or buying the things needed.

Raising the driving age would be a mistake. Raising this will take away important things the teens now need. This will take away the satisfaction of paying our parents back. Treating others and treating ourselves is also important.