Teenage Drop Out

Teenage Drop Out

Kj Burkhalter, Staff Writer

Life is full of tough choices, decisions that ripple through time and have a profound affect on an individual. One of the toughest choices currently  facing Texas teenagers is the choice to ” drop out.”

The drop out age for students in Texas should not be raised to 18. Teens drop out of school for many reasons, and the decision to drop out is RARELY a spur of the moment one.  Teens usually drop out of school following a long process of disengagement and academic struggle. Many teenagers say they were bored and frustrated with classes that didn’t seem relevant to their life.

I believe that the dropout age should remain the same because it doesn’t make any sense for teachers and the students to waste their time in school when they are just going to sit there and either do nothing or distract others from learning.

“The age should not be controlled so heavily by the school and the government; if the drop out age was lower, I would drop out right now, because I need to find a job to help support myself and my mom. I would be studying for my GED part-time and working the rest of the time in order to finish school altogether. It would be so much easier if I didn’t have to stay in school, because I could get more hours available to work, more time to study for the GED, and less stress” says Sonya from  NYTimes Opinion.

   There are students across America who don’t want to be students and shouldn’t have to be forced to do something that they do not want to do like going to school instead of working. There are valuable reasons why students want to drop out of school, a place where they might not feel welcomed, a place where they might not feel safe, a place where they might be wasting their time, because if they weren’t there they could be making money for their family who could  be struggling and needs every dime that they can make.

Students should be able to drop out and the government should  NOT interfere with  the choice of a human being. Students who don’t want to be students should be able to take their problems to the school board or court and should be able to resign. If its a “privilege” to go to school  then why not be able to deny this “privilege”.