Confined by Society


Juan Ramirez, Staff Writer

Throughout schools all over the world, pupils have had to wear uniforms to attend, forcing pupils to be like everyone else by wearing the same clothes. They wear uniforms for reasons like safety, better academic performance,  or just because the head officials of these schools want students to wear uniforms. Students attending these schools have no sense of diversity.

Students shouldn’t have to wear uniforms for “safety” let’s face it, yes you can tell when someone who might be a threat is on school campus by having uniforms, but if a student wants to do harm on the school campus then he or she will, a uniform stops  no one. A uniform will not change anything. They say uniforms will cease distractions of other students worrying about what other pupils are wearing, but that’s only true on campus.If pupils see each other outside of school they will see what students wear and “worry” about it the next day and most likely talk about it. The truth is it all comes down to the pupils and school boards determination to learn and be safe. If they see something wrong they will report it, having a uniform will not make you a better student nor a safer one.

Back when I was in my freshman year of high school I had to wear a uniform to school. Kids couldn’t wear shorts, “distracting” shoes, caps, etc. Students had to put looking presentable in front of being comfortable. I doubt you would want to be uncomfortable all day at school. Now let”s say you buy some nice shoes you liked and you bought for school, but then you realize you have to wear uniforms to school how bad would that be? You want to go show off your new baby blue shoes, but you can’t because they would be distracting, you couldn’t take your candy red hat or sunny yellow shirt because they were a “distraction.” There was no way you could impress your friends or show off your style. As said in’s article about school uniforms, “School uniforms restrict students’ freedom of expression.” On their article about uniforms, students have no way of self expression or diversity if wearing uniforms. So how can we fix this? We take away uniforms. Then students will be able to self express themselves. So, in conclusion, there should be no uniforms. Without uniforms students can be unique in their own way.