” Make America Great Again”


Isabella Llamas and Omar Castalan, Staff Writer

There are  murmurings throughout the passages and hallways of Lanier High School. Voices of various students and teachers repeating the same statements over and over. Statements defined a sense of bewilderment tempered with fear. Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States of America and, by God, what does that mean for us? How did this happen?

Riding the slogan ” Make America Great Again” Trump was swept into office with a majority of the U.S voters despite the trailing byover 2 million in the popular vote. The population wonders if Trump and the world will deliver on his campaign promises……building a wall, trade deals, unemployment improvement , healthcare overhaul, etc.

Trump had made some comments and remarks that would make people say and think that he is racist and misogynist. During Trump’s campaign he made a racist statement to Jorge Romos, a Mexican born American journalist. According to CNN, he told Romos ” Go back to Univision.” Univision is an American Spanish language television broadcasting company. Jorge Romos is one of  the most popular anchers for this spanish speaking news organization. ”  CNN also reported that Trump also stated “Rosie O’ Donell is disgusting… I mean both inside and out. When you look at her and when you see the mind, that mind is…. is….. weak.”

If talking down to women isn’t bad enough, President elect Trump has made remarks that I feel are racist. In all honesty, I feel that Trump can say anything he wants, I mean after all he lives in America and he has the right to free speech like everyone else. However, he should be mindful about the words he uses, and how he says them especially  now since he is the leader of the Free World and he should show people how to be respectful.