Can We Please get a Little Privacy?

Can We Please get a Little Privacy?

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Saul Garcia, Staff Writer

A lack of doors on the boy’s restroom stalls at Lanier High School is a huge problem for various reasons, especially the lack of privacy.

Here at Lanier High School the male students are afraid to produce excrement in the bathroom because of the lack of doors on the restroom stalls. Using the restroom during the school day can cause problems because other kids pick on students using the restroom. I once witnessed a group of kids throwing wet paper onto the student using the restroom and, believe it or not, they also threw the garbage bin onto the student. This issue has caused a lot of hassle for Lanier male students  because when we want to use the restroom we usually have to take a big walk to either the nurse or the chemistry building to poop in peace. We, as a school, have to make the restroom a place where we can urinate and poop in peace and privacy  and not be this chaotic place where we fear having to go during the school day.

The restroom doors were originally removed years ago from the boys bathrooms because students brought drugs to school. The Administration believed that if they restricted the doors students would not be able to do drugs behind the restroom stalls. Students were also known to close the restroom door so that they could flush their evidence before a raid on campus. Today Lanier is a different school and these issues are no longer present. Administration does not conduct raids or other large drug searches, so what is the whole point of not having bathroom doors?

I highly recommend that the school administration take into consideration our privacy and safety concerns and return our bathroom doors to produce a safer environment for the students.