College Stress Before College !

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Susi Morales, Staff Writer

In this day and age, everyone in High school or Middle school is expected to go and plan for college. Kids are required to choose a career path at a very young age, then they are pressured to go through with it, even though they have enough stress with daily school work and graduation.

Although there are student who already know what they wish to do in their future, this is not the case with all students for example, many students still have personal doubt and the financial pressure that comes with college. As their is diversity in society, there is also diversity in the ideas of students minds. They all have different ways of learning and different capacities. This in it self can already cause enough stress for one child, because although they are growing up, on the inside they are still child-like and have much to develop on the inside. There is also the financial troubles that come with planing with a collage future. Financially everyone is in a different situation and although there are scholarships and financial aid, there are some students who might find it a waste of money on classes and courses that they believe they won’t end up needing in their future stress. As seen in an article of ,in 2000, more than 51% of incoming  freshman had stress about their loans while  more than 73% had a grants or scholarships. Those reasons influenced school choices, with more than 90% of students deciding  to attend collage, where costs are lower then their first-school choices. Although students have something that they want to pursue, something should be done to help them advance. However, for those who haven’t decided yet should not be expected to make those life changing decisions at there age and vulnerability, they should be encouraged to be keep searching at their own pace.

There is also a conclusion that simply states that collage is not for everyone, and so adults,teachers, and professors should not pressure students to follow a path that they might  not truly want or even enjoy. This is because not all goals or future career choices require a collage education, but more of a “hands on” experienced workers in fields such as construction workers, small business owners, network specialist and even artists and related workers. Also, students are pressured to think, in some cases, about the money. However, not all wish to become rich or look for a career with a high paycheck. Some simply look for something that they are truly passionate about and not about taking random mandatory collage courses to fit into other peoples requirements. Of course, this is  not to say that college is bad or not necessarily for some, but we must understand that college is not for everyone.

There are always many stressful testing and credit earning throughout middle school-high school. Adding the stress of college and future planing too can mentally break a student since students already face social criticism for their decisions, and are even looked down upon when they are still learning how to manage  those life challenges. However, it is wrong for people to do so because we all know that school and going to college isn’t everything, and at the end of the day, won’t always make you happy where it counts. In the end, there are many things that can be done to help students cope with the stresses  of school such as therapy and counseling. As there is nothing wrong with wanting to prepare students for the future, there is also nothing wrong in letting them decide what they want to do with it.