Could you be Next?


Hector Machuca and Liz Becker

On December 6 1991, four teenage girls lost their lives in tragic accident. The shocking murder has lingered for more than twenty years and people still have unanswered questions. Jennifer Harbson and Eliza Thomas were working at the yogurt shop “I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt!” on Anderson Lane. The two seventeen-year-olds were cleaning after hours. Jenniffer’s fifteen-year-old sister Sarah Harbison was waiting with her friend, thirteen-year-old, Amy Ayers for the two older girls to finish so they all could have a sleepover.

At midnight fire fighters went to respond to a call about the yogurt shop being engulfed in flames. As they put the flames out, one of the fire fighters spotted what looked like a human foot. As he went into the back of the shop, he saw that the three older girls were on top of each other, covered in cups, lighter fluid, and chocolate syrup. All three were shot in the head. The youngest was found in the bathroom  barely clinging to life. She had been shot in the head twice. Shortly after being found she died as a result to her traumatic assault.

All of this  happened in the span of hours. Many people would read stories and think, “something like this would never happen to me.” People need to understand that there is danger everyday when a person lives their life. No one is ever one hundred percent safe from a tragedy, so caution must be used when going out or you might end up being part of the next unsolved tragedy.


(image from CBS news.)