It’s New, It’s Biotechnology

Marlene capilla and Alba bustillo

Advanced Biotechnology is not a course about zombies.

“Advanced Biotechnology is all about preventing the release of viruses from research labs that could cause a zombie apocalypse–just kidding,” says Lanier teacher Kaci Myrick.

“It’s a course about molecular biology lab skills and techniques, so we learn how to use lab equipment, do extractions, analysis on DNA samples, run gel electroscopes, make genetically transformed bacteria, and we made root beer with yeast to learn about cellular fermentation.” Myrick adds.

This is the first year the course has been offered. The idea of bringing  biotechnology to Lanier comes from Austin Independent School District (AISD) officials. Austin Community College (ACC) are also recommending biotechnology classes for high schools.

The class is open to Juniors and Seniors, and counts as a fourth-year science. It will be on your choice sheets for classes Spring 2017. It is intended for those who are interested in health science, animal science or molecular biology. As designed, it would earn students college credit and escrow with the course. Next year there are plans for an exam.

“It’s a super fun hands on class” says Myrick.